All of the Low Energy Designs external lighting products are extremely durable and are built with sturdy components that can withstand the roughest conditions. Designed around the latest LED technology all of our external lighting products contain extremely efficient luminaires that can be used to illuminate large areas with direct and/or indirect light. Optional integrated controls allow for additional savings. External product bodies are multi-stage treated with a final powder coat finish for external applications where design and appearance are just as important as the technical features.

Product RangeProductProduct CodePower ConsumptionReplacesOptional Intelligent Controls
SunBURST Series
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SunBURST 4SB445w< 100wX
SunBURST 6SB672w< 200wX
SunBURST 8SB890w< 300wX
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SunBURST 4 ULTRASB4U70w< 250wX
SunBURST 6 ULTRASB6U110w< 400wX
SunBURST 8 ULTRASB8U140w< 500wX