Car Parks

Manufactured and designed in Britain using high grade aluminium housing, the products specific to a Car Park application, embody the principles of a robust and resilient design which can withstand the toughest conditions. These products provide maximum efficiency with a flexible light distribution given from high lumen output LED’s and various optic customisations.

Product RangeProductProduct CodePower ConsumptionReplacesOptional Intelligent Controls
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SunFIRE 5 ULTRASF5U90w< 200wX
SunFIRE 7 ULTRASF7U120w< 400wX
Phoenix Range
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Phoenix 3PH335w< 100wX
Phoenix 6PH672w< 150wX
LumiROD 4 Series
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(For use in underground/covered car parks only)
LumiROD 212 LR21223w< 58wX
LumiROD 414 LR41444w< 120wX
LumiROD 416 LR41652w< 175wX
Norrsken Range
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Norrsken 60NO6060w< 150wX
Norrsken 120NO120120w< 400wX