All of our LED Lighting products specific to Pathways provide maximum efficiency with a flexible light distribution given from high lumen output LED’s and various optic customisations. Manufactured and designed in Britain using high grade aluminium housing, these products embody the principles of a robust and resilient design which can withstand the toughest conditions. Our street lamps are in operation from locations close to the equator to locations above the Arctic Circle.

Product RangeProductProduct CodePower ConsumptionReplacesOptional Intelligent Controls
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SunFIRE 5 ULTRASF5U90w< 200wX
Phoenix Range
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Phoenix 3PH335w< 100wX
Phoenix ULTRA Range
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Phoenix 2 ULTRAPH2U36w< 150wX
Norrsken Range
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Norrsken 60NO6060w< 150wX