We provide the very best LED lighting for Retail applications. All products are specifically designed for indoor lighting applications. All of our retail products simulate a Natural daylight colour but can be manufactured to the customer’s specification in order to provide a spectrum of desired colour rendering (Ra). Our products have been proven to increase concentration and productivity in work environments.

Product RangeProductProduct CodePower ConsumptionReplacesOptional Intelligent Controls
Glow Range
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Glow 125GL125-DW/WW6w< 50wX
Glow 180GL180-DW/WW15w< 70wX
Glow 240GL240-DW/WW25w< 90wX
Sky Panel 66
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Sky Panel 66SPANEL6634wQuad 2ft - 72w
Sky Panel 66 CTC
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Sky Panel 66 CTCSPANEL66-CTC35wQuad 2ft - 72w
Glow CTC
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Glow 165 CTCGL165-CTC12WTwin 14W CFLX
Glow 225 CTCGL225-CTC30w< 70wX
LumiROD 5 Series
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LumiROD 514LR51434w< 120wX