As a British Manufacturer we strive to produce the best high intensity LED products tailored for your sporting application. 

Our LED Sport products benefit from a unique feature of having automatic software temperature control to the LED boards ensuring no matter how high the internal temperatures rise the LED’s will always remain at the optimum performance. Outdoor product bodies are multi-stage treated with a final powder coat finish, for outdoor applications where design and appearance are just as important as the technical features.

Product RangeProductProduct CodePower ConsumptionReplacesOptional Intelligent Controls
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SunBURST 6 ULTRASB6U100w< 400wX
SunBURST 8 ULTRASB8U145w< 500wX
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SunSHINE 1SH160w< 100wX
SunSHINE 2SH2160w< 250wX
SunSHINE 3SH3180w< 400wX
SunSHINE 4SH4240w< 750wX
SunSHINE 5SH5300w< 1000wX
SunSHINE 6SH6360w< 1500wX