AB Karl Hedin, Sweden


AB Karl Hedin expect to achieve 70% annual energy savings!

PROJECT: To install an energy-efficient and long-term sustainable lighting solution.

The Brief-

AB Karl Hedin is one of Sweden’s leading and privately owned building trade groups, specialising in wood. Karl Hedin Bygghandel offers a complete construction range, from a hammer and nail to interior decoration, insulation and wood products. The wood products often come from their own forests and sawmills.
In Karl Hedin’s new trade shop in Sala, they wanted to install an energy-efficient and long-term sustainable lighting solution.

The Solution-

After evaluating Karl Hedin’s facility, we proposed our LumiOPTIMA 5218 for the store, wooden warehouse and list warehouse.  This smart LED luminaire has a large luminous flux of about 26,000 lumens.  With an energy efficiency of over 165 lumens / watt, the luminaires are real lighting machines.  A daylight white variant with 5300 Kelvin in colour temperature was chosen to increase visibility and create a better working environment in the room.  This daylight-white light seems to increase productivity and improves the concentration of those who work in the construction trade.
The lower-height luminaires have a micro-prism lens that minimises glare but provides significantly better light propagation than traditional fluorescent lamps. This means that the light is distributed evenly in the room and is also spread onto the shelves.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– 70% annual energy savings

– Visibility has improved as the daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye.

– Life-Cycle Cost is estimated to be 62% lower over a 10-year period