ADDvise- Stockholm, Sweden


ADDvise achieve 75% savings in Co2!

PROJECT: To replace existing light fittings with an energy-efficient solution

The Brief-

ADDvise is a leading supplier of equipment for laboratories and research units. The company has recently moved into their new offices at Gärdet in Stockholm and wanted to switch their lighting to an energy efficient lighting solution. ADDvise had the opportunity to evaluate various lighting options and try different color temperatures of light from the fixtures to see what suited them best.

The Solution-

The Glow 240 Warm White was the perfect choice for this application. This fully dimmable fixture has an adjustable wattage between 0-25 watts and provides a warm, welcoming light. The Glow 240 is a compact, lightweight luminaire weighing only 770g which makes it super easy to install into ceiling tiles or plaster ceilings.
Lighting levels had been planned out for ADDvise so that no additional desk lamps or other lighting would need to be used. Intelligent sensor controls were added to achieve even higher savings. These controls were utilised throughout the offices. The controls provide Daylight Harvesting which will adjust the luminaires light output according to the ambient (natural) light levels and Motion Sensor which will active the light when motion is detected.

The Results – Compared to the previous lighting:

75% lower energy costs and 0ver £2000 saved / year in electricity costs

Approx. 14 kW lower installed power

75% lower carbon dioxide emissions