AMF Fastigheter, Sweden


AMF Fastigheter Properties install our Sky Panel 66 CTC!

PROJECT: To find an energy efficient lighting product that provides flexibility.

The Brief-

AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest property companies with 39 commercial properties and are actively working for a living and attractive city.

In a room in the Tobaksmonopolet property  in Stockholm, a new tenant is moving in and AMF Fastigheter need to adapt the premises to meet their requirements. AMF Fastigheter requires an energy efficient and sustainable lighting solution but it also needs to be a flexible solution which gives the tenant that ‘little extra’ in terms of design and function. An important function requirement of the tenant was that the fixture would be able to be dimmed.

The Solution-

After a review by AMF Fastigheter they chose to install one of our latest LED products, an LED panel named the Sky Panel 66 CTC. The panel requires a remote controller to change the colour temperature between 3000-5700 Kelvin and can dim the light output.

The luminaires have been divided into a number of groups so that you can have different settings in different rooms.

The light levels were planned for 300 lux in most rooms of the premises. In the conference and meeting room the light levels were planned for 500 lux at the surface of the table.

By designing good lighting systems, LED lighting can help increase concentration and motivation and improve well being. Daylight white light activates, motivates and increases concentration, whilst a warm white light calms and relaxes the surrounding environment. The idea is to imitate the natural light both in level and colour during the day.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– Illuminance of 300 lux in the communications & office spaces

– Illuminance of 500 lux at table surface in the conference areas

– Approximately 3.1 kW installed power