Brahe Clinic, Sweden


Brahe Clinic re-vamp their dentist room!

PROJECT: To modernise their facility by installing LED

The Brief- 

Brahe Clinic is a referral body for doctors and dentists for the surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics and/or bite physiology demand. There are 7 treatments and about 3000 referral patients treated per year, which is approximately 100 patient visits during a typical day. It is one of the few private specialists dental clinics that are still fully owned by the dentists themselves.
After celebrating their 24th anniversary this year Brahe Clinic were keen to modernise their facility by replacing the old lighting with new efficient LED.

The Solution-

The existing lighting consisted of fluorescent luminaires with 3 or 4 tubes at 18 watts each recessed into the ceiling. 

The choice of a new LED lighting solution fell on our Sky Panel 66 CTC. This LED panel is an extremely thin LED luminaire that fits into the ceiling but can also be suspended. This luminaire provides the ability to change the colour temperature through a wireless or DALI control. In this case a wireless wall panel switch was chosen to adjust the temperature and light intensity. 

The luminaires are grouped together in groups per department and at the place where they are easily controlled from the wall panel switches.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– 52% energy saving

– Optional colour temperature change

– Higher Illuminance