Didaktus Gymnasium, Sweden


Didaktus Gymnasium expect to achieve 70% annual savings in CO2!

PROJECT: Requiring energy efficient, daylight-like lighting.

The Brief-

At the Didaktus Gymnasium, in Järfälla, outside of Stockholm, the school works to provide students with the best study conditions as possible. When moving to larger premises, Didaktus required energy efficient, daylight-like lighting.

The Solution-

A new lighting solution was installed providing daylight-white light, with the possibility of dimming via standard pressure dimmers. The luminaire chosen, Sky Panel 66, is a smart LED luminaire that is energy efficient with an efficiency factor of over 120 lumens per watt. It gives a luminous flux of 4650 lumens and is dimmable via DALI or 10VDC. The high luminous flux reduces the number of luminaires, which also reduces installation costs.

The new lighting has received a lot of positive comments from students and teachers at the school.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 50% cost saving over 10 years

– 70% lower CO2 emissions

– 70% lower installed power

– Visibility has improved since the daylight white light makes the colours and movements more
easily perceived by the eye.

– The number of luminaires and total installed power is minimised.

– Teachers and students have been pleasantly surprised and are pleased with the result.