DocuPartner, Sweden


Invigorating LED lighting for DocuPartner thanks to our Sky Panel 66!

PROJECT: To reduce CO2 emissions by 45% per employee by 2020.

The Brief-

For 10 years DocuPartner have been supplying products and solutions for the office with a focus on making it as environmentally friendly as possible. In 2008 DocuPartner set up and overall environmental goal – to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% per employee by 2015. Up to and including 2015, DocuPartner have reduced their emissions by 39%. DocuPartner have now decided to further increase their ambition to reduce emissions. The new target is to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% per employee by 2020.

When DocuPartner moved to a new office they wanted to have an energy-efficient and smart LED lighting. DocuPartner wanted invigorating lighting at the office to create an even better workplace for it’s employees. To create this type of environment the lighting needs to be not only the right illuminance levels but it also requires a colour temperature of light that is equivalent to daylight, that is, around 5000-6000 Kelvin.

The Solution-

DocuPartner chose to use an LED panel called the Sky Panel 66 in office areas and corridors. In offices and conference rooms where they wanted to be able to dim the lights, a dimmable LED panel called the SkyLIGHT 66 was installed. Both LED products are energy-efficient and glare-free LED panels with daylight white light (5300-5500 Kelvin).
In the storage and print room, a smart LED lamp called the SoHo was used. It has a built-in motion and brightness control with dimming, also in daylight white.

The light levels were planned for 500 lux at the work areas and meeting rooms and for 200-300 lux in corridors and storage.

Using luminaires where the colour temperature mimics natural daylight can help increase productivity in the workplace. Research has shown that greater exposure during the day of natural light can make people feel more alert and more productive.
Daylight white light activates and increases concentration, while a warm white light can make people feel calm and relaxed. The idea is to imitate the natural light, both in level and colour during the day. When the body gets too little daylight it increases the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin. This results in fatigue and less productive employees.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 77 x daylight white LED panels and luminaires used in the project

– Total installed power is only about 2.6kW

– Illuminance of approximately 300 lux in communication areas

– Illuminance of 500 lux in conference rooms and offices

– A satisfied tenant with alert and happy employees