Downton Leisure Center- UK- Sports Hall


Downton Leisure Centre achieve 78% savings from LED upgrade

PROJECT: Installation replacing 18x High-Pressure Sodium’s

The Brief-

The guys over at Downton Leisure Centre have been looking for ways to reduce costs. One of the biggest costs to the center is electricity. Low Energy Designs were asked to survey the site. One way we could help was to upgrade their existing lighting to efficient and effective LED lighting. We put together a few different options considering cost, power consumption and carbon emissions.

The Solution-

We had to take into consideration that multiple sports would be played in the hall and that equipment could potentially hit the lighting. We installed our SportsOPTIMA which is runs at 220 watts with a lumen output of up to 41508. The SportsOPTIMA is protected by an aluminium guard, thus helping to take the impact of any ball strikes. The guard also helps to minimise the risk of objects becoming trapped within or behind them.

Now Downton have improved light levels, lower electricity bills and they’ve contributed to the environment by reducing their Carbon Emissions!

The Results – Compared to the previous lighting:

ANNUAL CO2 SAVINGS:            0.939 tons  

ANNUAL ENERGY SAVINGS:        2106.67 KWh    

ANNUAL COST SAVINGS:          £3126.02