Dream House, Sweden- Equestrian


The owners of the fabulous ‘Dream House’ are introduced to LED lighting

PROJECT: Installing LED lighting into a new building

The Brief-

The owners of the fabulous “Dream House” out on the scenic plains of Uppland, Sweden have supplemented their property with a completely new riding arena for their eight horses. It was obvious that there would be an energy-efficient lighting in the new riding hall. The owners took several bids from vendors proposing different solutions. The requirement was an average illuminance of 300 lux in the room.

The Solution-

The choice of lighting solution fell on our LumiOPTIMA 5218 running at 140 watts. LumiOPTIMA is our most energy-efficient LED product that produces a daylight light with an efficiency of 150 lumens per watt.

The luminaire comes standard with a built-in light and motion sensor. For this application the motion sensor turns down the light output after 30 minuets, if no motion is detected. This building is equipped with large skylights which allow plenty of natural light to come through. The LumiOPTIMA has built-in light control and is configured to hold 300 lux. This means that when natural light comes through the luminaires automatically reduce the light output or switch off completely if the required lux level is met from natural light, maximizing savings further!

The Results-

This was a new building so there was not any data to compare to, however  if you compare an alternative fluorescent to the LED fixtures the owners of the Dream House would be saving  over  £390.00 a year in electricity costs and between  £5900-£7800 over 10 years.