Gregory Distribution, UK


Gregory Distribution expect to achieve 81.2% energy savings by switch to LED

PROJECT: To improve light levels whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs

The Brief-

On a distribution level, Gregory are the ‘delivery winners’ but their facilities lighting was draining maintenance and energy resources. Gregory Distribution required a new lighting solution that would improve light levels whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs.

In total, there were 908 existing lights. The majority of these were 140 watt 6ft twin fluorescents, but there were also 250 watt high bays, skylights, SON-T, 6ft single fluorescents, 5ft single fluorescents, 5ft twin fluorescents and bulkheads.

To replace these we installed a variety of our indoor and outdoor intelligent LED lighting solutions across the whole of Gregory’s site. Due to the higher lumen level and light output of our products we were able to significantly reduce the number if luminaires from before by 47%. 

The Solution-

The new indoor LED lights consisted of our LumiOPTIMA’s, SmartROD’s, Sky Panel 66 and LumiROD 4’s. For the outdoor areas we used our ~SunSHINE floodlights.

Previously, the old indoor lights stayed in most of the day, even when there wasn’t any activity or low footfall. Now, with our intelligent built-in sensors the lights come on when motion id detected and turn off after 5 minutes when there is no motion detected. In areas where there is access to natural light the sensors also provide Daylight Harvesting, which adjusts the light output according to the ambient (natural) light levels.

Prior to the installation of our new LED lighting we installed an energy monitoring system for 7 days to monitor the energy usage of Gregory’s old lighting. After the installation of our LED lighting we then installed the same monitoring system again for the same 7 day period to monitor the energy usages and prove the energy savings achieved by the new LED lighting. The table below contains the actual testing results and savings achieved.

Greory distribution - energy comparison

Installing out intelligent lighting solutions enables Gregory Distribution to adopt cutting-edge technology while reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy efficiency with improved illumination. With potential energy savings of £73,586.51 per year, the new LED lighting not only improves the quality if light, but helps to save money.

“Low Energy Designs were a pleasure to work with for our warehouse lighting project, which had the main objective ti reduce lighting energy spend and the amount of energy being consumed, in addition to reducing the level of CO2 emissions. The level of efficiency and communication from project initiation to closure was extremely high and completed very professionally, whereby excellent feedback was recieved from stakeholders on how efficient Low Energy Designs were on installation and who were also very easy to contact on corrective actions as necessary. The project met all objectives and produced all agreed deliverables, completing to time, quality and budget – they even completed the implementation early!

The project team were very sympathetic to operational rhythms and were extremly flexible on implementation timings if certain areas were not available to the original plan with no unexpected disruptions. The project has been an absolute success and i would recommend Low Energy Designs for future lighting projects.” – Robert Norman, Director of Finance, Gregory Distribution Limited.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– 81.2% annual energy savings

– Reduced the number of lights from before by 47%

– 78% annual CO2 savings | 277.20 tons of CO2 saved per year

– Visibility has improved since the daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye

– ROI 2,5 Years

Gregory Distribution are the largest member of the Gregory Group of companies which includes Hayton Coulthard, with whom they have a joint venture, which is headquartered in Kirkcudbright in Scotland. They all share a strong reputation for their standards of service which is emphasised by their complementary liveries. 

For almost a century, Gregory Distribution have been proud to work with a wide variety of customers from local companies to large multi-national organisations. Today, they serve over 400 customers based regionally, nationally and internationally.
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