Haninge Glof Club, Jordbro


Haninge Golf Club expect to achieve 76% energy savings!

PROJECT: To find an energy efficient lighting solution

The Brief-

Haninge Golf Club needed to replace the large mix of old work-out luminaires (from spotlights to downlights) that cost a lot in maintenance and opertation. The property owner wanted to take a holistic approach to the property and requested a proposal for new and energy efficient LED lighting.

The Solution-

In the golf hall we replaced the halogen headlights with our SunSHINE 5. It is a highly energy efficient LED floodlight running at 300 watts and proving almost 50,000 lumens (energy efficiency is over 160LM/watt).

At the tee section the SmartROD 50 luminaire was installed with a built-in presence sensor that dims down when no one is around to save maximum energy. This luminaire is also fully dimmable between 0-100%. Motion detection, dimming levels and modes are fully configurable and are easily changed with a remote control without having to open up or dismantle the luminaire.

In corridors and communication areas our downlight Glow 165 CTC was used. This product is an energy efficient downlight with a variety of temperatures (set between 2700-5700 kelvin) and dimming controls. With wireless controls it is extremely easy to install. In the shop and other areas the Sky Panel 66 was used in a daylight white colour temperature.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 76% energy savings

– Noticeably better light in the golf hall

– Visibility has improved since daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye.

– The number of luminaires was reduced by about 20%