H&M Warehouse, Sweden


Kilenkrysset’s H&M warehouse expect to achieve over 58% annual energy savings with LED

PROJECT: H&M require an energy-efficient lighting solution which provides a higher lux level than their current lighting.

The Brief-

Real estate group, Kilenkrysset recently faced the decision to upgrade the lighting in H&M’s large central warehouse outside Eskilstuna. H&M required an energy-efficient lighting solution which provides a higher lux level than their current lighting.

Kilenkrysset had looked at previous installations where our lighting solutions provide a daylight white light and noted that the feedback from staff had been very positive with productivity increased after installing our LED lighting solutions. Kilenkrysset were also impressed to see that the energy consumption decreased significantly and that the luminaires were delivered ready for installation on rail systems, which saved a lot in installation costs.

All areas were measured for current lux levels. An average illuminance of approximately 115 lux was measured in the warehouse. In production areas and mezzanine areas an average illuminance of about 220 lux was measured.

The Solution-

The LED lighting solution we proposed was designed for >300 lux in medium illuminance on all surfaces.
The LumiOPTIMA 5218 was chosen in areas with 6-7 meters ceiling height. This LED luminaire has a large luminous flux of about 26,000 lumens. In high-bay areas, where the ceiling is higher than 7m the LumiMOD 54 was chosen with 39,200 lumens. Below 5 meter ceilings the SmartROD 50 and 80 were selected. The majority of these lights have been equipped with an intelligent built-in light and motion sensor. These are set to dim down to 10% power after 10 minutes from the last detected motion. The sensor settings can easily be changed with a remote control from the floor.

In addition to energy efficiency, our LED products provide a daylight-like light of 5300 Kelvin in colour temperature. This daylight-like light improves the visibility and concentration of those who work in the warehouse. The LumiMOD has lenses around the diodes to better concentrate the light on the floor from higher heights, but still balanced so that the shelf edges get enough light.
The lower-height luminaires have a micro-prism lens that minimises glare but provides significantly better light propagation than traditional fluorescent lamps. This means that the light is distributed evenly in the room and is also spread onto the scaffold shelves.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– >58% annual energy savings

– Reduced Co2 emissions

– Visibility has improved – daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye.

– Higher illuminance increases the brightness and positively affects the working environment.

– Number of luminaires reduced by over 40% (from 2225 to 1300 pieces) despite a higher illuminance in the room.

– Life Cycle Cost is estimated to be 62% lower over a 10-year period