ICA Distribution- Sweden- Corridor Lighting


ICA achieve 75% in energy savings

PROJECT: To reduce energy consumption and improve the light output

The Brief-

Coor Service Management, which manages ICA’s property decided to switch to LED Lighting in the corridors and surrounding hall areas. The corridors consisted of several 2x 26 watt = 52 watt CFL’s. These were often needed to be replaced when they broke and were very costly in maintenance and energy consumption.

The Solution-

ICA and Coor Service Management, which manages the property, decided to install our GLOW 240. The Glow 240 is a super-thin dimmable downlight with integrated actuators that make it easy to install. This product with a color temperature of 4500 K (daylight white) was chosen for the best possible working environment. The luminaire runs at 25 watts and provides an even, soft light that is very appreciated by staff.

The Results – Compared to the previous lighting:

Reduced power from 52 watts to 25 watts per light

Reduced the amount of lights installed by half

75% energy saving

More than 6500 kWh of reduced electricity consumption per year

More than 2.5 tonnes reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per year

More than 7 000 per year savings in electricity and maintenance costs