ICA Real Estate, Kallhall, Sweden – Offices


ICA Real Estate achieve 86% annual energy savings by installing LED!

PROJECT: To replace the old lighting with refreshing energy efficient LED

The Brief-

ICA Real Estate has big ambitions to save energy and improve the working environment for its employees. At the distribution centre in Kallhäll, outside Stockholm, goods are distributed to the whole of Mälardalen.

In their offices they had old, energy and maintenance demanding lighting that also gave a poor distribution of yellow light. It was time to replace the lights and ICA required a refreshing and energy efficient LED lighting solution for the offices at ICA in Kallhäll.

The old lighting meant that the average lighting intensity in the room was below 200 lux. The new lighting solution has been designed to give more than 450 lux average illuminance.

The Solution-

The new lighting solution designed to provide the best results for ICA was our LED Sky Panel 66 which provides a daylight white light at 5300 kelvins. This luminaire is energy efficient with a power efficiency factor of 120 lumens per watt. It produces a luminous flux of 4540 lumens and is dimmable via DALI or 10VDC. Thanks to the high light output we were able to reduce the number of luminaires from before. The Sky Panel 66 also produces a soft and comfortable light with a glare value (UGR) of less than 19.

The Sky Panel 66 is only 12mm thick and can therefore be mounted with minimal space between the ceiling and roof. This luminaire can also be surface mounted or suspended.
These luminaires are fully dimmable between 0-100% and a simple and functional twist switch was installed in the offices.

For this installation, a separate PIR sensor which provides daylight harvesting and presence detection was installed to control the Sky Panel 66 lights and provide further savings where ever possible.

In conference rooms and smaller spaces such as cloakrooms, we decided to install the Glow 165 CTC and Glow 225 CTC downlights. The Glow CTC is a dimmable, colour changing downlight that is recessed into the ceiling. The Glows provide a colour temperature range from 3000-5700 kelvins which is adjustable via a simple hand held controller.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– Achieved over 450 lux

– 86% Annual Energy Savings / 29.945kWh

– Reduced number of luminaires from 129 to 94

– 86% Annual CO2 Savings / 29.945 tons

– Visibility has improved since daylight white light makes colours, movements and objects more easily perceived by the eye