IKEA, Sweden


IKEA expect to achieve 67% lower CO2 emissions by switching to our LED lighting!

PROJECT: To reduce IKEA’s environmental impact

The Brief-

The IKEA department store in Orebro needed to replace the existing lighting in their car parks and decided to invest in our energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED lighting. IKEA is working proactively to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

In the car park there are 18m high masts. A powerful LED floodlight is required that can push down the light to the ground properly.

The solution-

In order to meet the demands of energy efficient lighting, IKEA chose to replace the 1000 watt headlights mounted at 18m with our smart LED SunBURST 8 ULTRA. This luminaire has a reflector around each LED diode which is suitable for high masts. This optic minimises light spillage and therefore becomes extra energy efficient. 

In the personal parking, the luminaire Norrsken 60 was chosen. To increase visibility and safety, daylight white variants were chosen with a colour temperature of 5500 kelvins.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– Equivalent illumination

– 67% lower energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

– Visibility has improved since the daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye

– Total cost over 10 years is estimated to be 51% lower