Kungsleden, Danderyd, Sweden


Kungsleden achieve 93% lower energy costs!

PROJECT: To reduce their energy consumption by 20% by 2020.

The Brief-

Kungsleden is one of Sweden’s largest listed property companies focusing on long-term ownership, active management and improving and developing commercial properties in chosen growth regions.

Kungsleden has set a long term target of reducing energy consumption in their properties by 20% by 2020. Choosing the most energy-efficient LED lighting solution for their parking garage is a step towards the goal.

After visiting the parking garage and preparing an extensive lighting design, we proposed a lighting scheme that would provide a higher illuminance using less power than the existing lighting.

The Solution-

After discussing the options with Kungsleden we agreed to use our LumiROD 414.

The LumiROD 414 is a real light machine with an energy efficiency of 145 lumens per watt. A variant with daylight 5300 kelvin colour temperature was chosen in order to increase visibility in the garage.

The LumiROD 414 has a high degree of protection (IP66) with a smooth top side which is well suited for parking garages or other dirty areas. This means that the luminaire shines longer and brighter with less maintenance requirements.

The LumiROD 414 is fully dimmable from 0-100%. In this garage the luminaires have been fitted with a built-in combined light and motion sensor. The built-in motion sensor can be set on the lowest setting between 0-90% power. The time for how long the luminaire shall be operated at full power when motion is detected is adjustable from 0-99 minutes.

In the garage the luminaires were set to the lowest setting using 10% power (3.6 watts). When motion is detected the lights increase to 36 watts (full power) for 10 minutes. Luminaires in the middle of the garage are set up so that they switch off completely to save even more energy. By setting the luminaires along the walls to dim to 10% when there is no motion, dark corners in the garage are avoided.

The motion sensor can be adjusted on site with a remote control is you later want to change the settings for further optimisation.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– 76 fluorescent fixtures replaced with 51 LED luminaires – 33% few lights

– Illuminance increased from 100 lux to 130 lux

– 93% annual energy saving / £4825.07

– 93% annual CO2 saving / 15.5 tons

– 71% lower installed power