Kungsleden, Sweden


Kungsleden upgrade another parking garage with our LED lighting solutions.

PROJECT: To create a brighter environment for garage users.

In the parking garage at Svardvagen 23 in Danderyd, outside Stockholm we installed our LumiROD 414. This luminaire provides 167 lumens per watt. A Daylight white colour variant of 5300 Kelvins was chosen to increase the visibility of the garage and create a brighter environment that is considered safe for the users.

The luminaire is fully dimmable between 0-100%. The luminaire can be equipped with a built-in light and motion sensor or it can be controlled / dimmed with DALI, PushDIM or 10VDC. The built-in sensor can be set in safe mode – a position were regardless of presence detected the power sits between 0-90%. Also, the time for the duration of the luminaire to be lit on full power after motion is detected is adjustable. It is also possible to dim / switch off in two steps.

In this garage, we decided to use a built-in microwave sensor. The luminaires were configured so that they use 10% power in safe mode. When motion is detected the lights turn on at full power for 10 minutes. Motion sensor settings can be easily changed in place, after installation with a simple remote control.

The LumiROD 414 has a high protection class (IP66) with a smooth upper side that is therefore suitable for parking garages or other dirty environments. This means that the luminaire lights longer and clearer with minimal or no maintenance requirements.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– 33% fewer luminaires used

– Average illuminance of approx. 110 lux (compared to 40 lux before)

– 90% lower annual energy costs 

– Visibility has improved since the daylight-white light makes the colours and movements easily perceived by the eye.

– 90% lower CO2

– 42% lower total cost over 10 years