Naava, Stockholm


Naava expect to achieve 85% energy savings through LED lighting

PROJECT: To install efficient, daylight-like lighting

The Brief-

Naava offers its customers new, modern plant walls within the concept of Biofilic Design, which is strongly inspired by nature and natural elements. An area that has begun to gain more attention in today’s workplaces. This spring, Naava breathing room was opened, which is a unique meeting place in central Stockholm. There, with the help of daylight lighting, plant walls clean the air and sound absorbers have created an optimal working environment.

Close contact with nature and daylight illumination improves overall well-being, increases productivity and reduces sick leave. This interior trend for productivity and well-being is increasingly evident in organisations around the world. Our smart LED lighting offers showroom users optimal lighting for people by contributing to a good day rhythm and a bright daylight like light.

The Solution-

We chose to replace the existing lighting in Naava’s new showroom with our SkyPANEL 66 luminaire, an energy efficient and Smart LED luminaire. The luminaire is light, super thin (12 mm) and can be mounted directly in the ceiling tiles. This luminaire has a colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin, that is, the same kind of light as a sunny day.

The luminaires in the office areas are controlled by a PIR sensor that manages presence detection, but also controls the brightness of the room based on ambient daylight. With much light from the outside, the light dims down to save energy.

Conference rooms and corridors have been equipped with presence detection, this helps reduce energy savings in periods of low footfall.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– Energy efficient solution with smart controls

– Medium illumination (general lighting) of approximately 500 lux in office

– Expected 85% energy savings with presence detection

– 35% Fewer luminaires installed