NKT Cables, Falun, Sweden


NKT Cables reduce their number of lights by half thanks to LED!

PROJECT: To create a brighter and safer working environment for the NKT workshop

The Brief-

Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker (today NKT Cables) are a world leader in cable technology. The company was founded in 1891, just 14 years after the phone was introduced to Denmark and has been a listed company since 1898.

Over the next 90 years the company grew into one of Denmark’s foremost industrial enterprises, with focus on cable production (electricity, power and telecommunication cables), but also active in the production of nails screws and other hardware for the Danish market. At the end of the 1980’s the company’s business model underwent a significant shift when NKT acquired first Nilfisk (1989) and then Lauritz Knudsen (LK) (1990). In 2013 they acquired Ericsson’s power cable business and consequently the production unit in Falun.

In the property in Falun, owned by Corem Property Group, the search is on for new energy efficient lighting for the entire production facility. NKT cables wanted smart LED lighting in the service workshop that would provide a brighter light output and create a better working environment.

The Solution-

The existing lights had an average illuminance of approx. 350 lux and the new LED lighting solution is designed to give 500 lux in average illuminance.

The LumiOPTIMA 5218 was chosen as the new LED lighting solution. This smart LED light fixture has a high luminous flux of approx. 26,000 lumens and has the option to use a built-in combined light and motion sensor. For this installation we chose to include the combined light and motion sensor in the luminaires. The light sensor was deactivated and the motion sensor , which can be configured from the floor by remote control, was customised so that the lighting turns off after 20 minutes of the last detected movement. This increases savings when there are low periods of footfall.

With an energy efficiency of over 150 lumens/watt the product is a real light machine. A daylight white version with a colour temperature of 5300 kelvins was selected in order to increase visibility in the premises. This daylight white light is invigorating and can increase the concentration of those who work in the premises.

The results compared to the previous lighting:

– Reduced the number of luminaires by just under half (42 to 23) despite a higher light intensity in the workshop

– Visibility is improved making colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye

– 50% savings in CO2 – 2.5 tons/year

– The total cost of Energy, Operation and Maintenance is estimated to be 50% less over a period of 10 years