Persiennkompaniet, Sweden


Persiennkompaniet install new, energy-efficient lighting!

PROJECT: To create a bright and fresh workplace for employees

The Brief-

Persiennkompaniet have been working on project sales since 1993 and supplies sun protection
products and window fittings like curtains, blinds and awnings to companies and individuals in the Stockholm area.

In the company’s office located on the ground floor of a property in central Stockholm, a lighting
solution with a higher illumination which provides a bright daylight like lighting was required to create an even better workplace for the company’s employees. In order to create a bright light, not only the correct illumination intensity is needed, but a colour temperature of light close to daylight, i.e. about 5000-6000 Kelvin, is also required.

The light selected to replace their current office and corridor lighting was an LED panel called Sky Panel 66. This luminaire has a low glare rating of UGR <19 and provides daylight white light at 5300 Kelvin. The lighting is controlled by a smart sensor which has both motion and light control with a
dimming mode.

Light levels were planned for 500 lux at workspaces and conference rooms and for 200-300 lux in
corridors and stores. In the offices and conference rooms, dimmable LED panels were used.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 58% fewer luminaires

– Medium illumination (general lighting) of approximately 500 lux in office

– Happier employees

– 70% lower installed power

– 86% lower energy consumption (motion and light control)

– 44% lower total cost over 10 years