Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury – Indoor Tennis


Polo Farm achieve 81% annual energy savings by installing our SportsOPTIMA

PROJECT: To improve the quality of play by installing an energy efficient lighting product

The Brief- 

Polo Farm Sports Club is one of the largest sports facilities in South England and is regularly used the the local community, schools and businesses as well as being the main sporting facility for Canterbury Christ Church University & Kent County Cricket club. They have a range of outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities.

Last year Polo Farm were the first to take advantage of our pre-set lighting controls when we installed our LED SportsRAY lighting into their new, indoor multi sports centre which hosts national and international events. 
This year Polo Farm wanted to improve the quality of playing in their indoor tennis centre which consists of 3 courts. They also wanted an energy efficient product that would reduce their energy usage and save the centre money.

Tennis, like many sports, relies on carefully designed lighting to deliver the high illuminance levels required for standard and competitive play both on the PPA (Principle Playing Area) and TPA (Total Playing Area).

The 3 indoor tennis courts at Polo Farm were originally fitted with 320 watt fluorescent tubes. Each court was lit by 30 of these fixtures totalling around 9600 watts of power used per court.
The courts are played on 14 hours a day 7 days a week which meant Polo Farm were consuming over 168,779kW of energy per year and generating over 75 tons of CO2 per year just in the tennis centre.

The Solution-

After visiting the tennis centre and preparing an extensive lighting design, we proposed a lighting scheme that would provide a higher, glare-free illuminance which meets the lighting requirements on the PPA and TPA, using considerably less power than the fluorescent lighting.

The final scheme included 54 x SportsOPTIMA 5324, 18 per tennis court which reduced the total consumption to 31,350kW per year.

The SportsOPTIMA is specifically designed for sporting purposes and is preferred by tennis players because of the superior, glare-free quality of light that it provides. This variant of SportsOPTIMA provides a huge 31,500 lumens and a day white light at 5300 Kelvins.

The SportsOPTIMA contains a built-in light & motion sensor which works with the natural daylight to maintain a consistent lux level on the playing surface and run off areas, this helps reduce power and in turn reduce costs.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 81% annual energy saving / £14,642.92 annual cost saving

– 81% annual CO2 savings / 61.21 tons

– Visibility has improved since the daylight white light makes the colours and movements more easily perceived by the eye

– Over 50% illuminance increase

– Number of luminaires reduced by 40%

– ROI 1.89 years