Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury – Multi Sports Centre


Polo Farm go green with our LED lighting solutions

PROJECT: To find a low energy lighting system with virtually no maintenance

The Brief-

Polo Farm Sports Club is one of the largest sports facilities in south England and is regularly used by the local community, schools, universities and businesses. It’s even hosted national and international events such as;

– Kent County Cricket 2nd XI fixtures and training venue

– Veterans Hockey World Cup 2012 – 42 teams from 19 countries

– Annual U16-U18 International hockey camps for England and Belgium 2010-2015

Canterbury Cricket Club is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the country and is the home of Polo Farm.  They train regularly using Polo Farms facilities that include 2 county standard cricket pitches and county standard cricket nets. Kent county cricket club are closeconnections of Canterbury and they too use Polo Farm as their training ground.

Polo Farm were the first to take advantage of the pre-set lighting controls when they took on a project for new indoor sports courts. They wanted to be able to play under the required light levels for 3 classes of play, Community, Club and International. A lighting system that requires virtually no maintenance was essential for the club due to the height and position of the lights.

The Solution-

We pre-set 3 different lighting levels on the SportsRAY which is wirelessly controlled by 3 wall controllers which each have 4 switches on, one for each required light level. Thanks to Low Energy Designs intelligent lighting solution, the clubs based at Polo Farm can now choose the level of class they want to play under on the court they want to play on.

This is a major benefit to the Canterbury cricket club and the Kent county cricket club as the new sports hall allows them to train regardless of the weather. It will also benefit players to train and prepare under the required light level for certain events.

It really is Game, Set & Light for Polo Farm!

Due to this project being a new build there is no data to compare with, however compared to an alternative fluorescent fixture Polo Farm would of expected to see;

75% fewer fixtures installed in the main hall

60% energy saving

More than 100,000 kWh of reduced electricity consumption per year

More than £10,000 per year savings in electricity and maintenance costs