Ransta School, Sweden


The new Ransta School installs new LED lighting!

PROJECT: To propose and install an energy-efficient and cost saving lighting solution for a new school.

The Brief-

Ransta school is located in the southern part of the Sala city. The old school was worn out, so the city decided to build a new school with a sports hall and pre-school next to the old one.

Before the school was built, MondeVerde our Swedish distributors, had the opportunity to present a proposal for intelligent LED lighting. This proposal was chosen as the most energy-efficient and cost saving solution.

The Solution-

In teaching rooms and teachers offices luminaires with daylight white light, 5300 Kelvin, were installed with the possibility of dimming via a simple dimmer.  The Sky Panel 66 is a smart LED luminaire with an efficiency factor of over 120 lumens per watt.  The panel provides a soft and comfortable light with a glare value (UGR) lower than 19 and is dimmable via DALI or 10VDC.  The high luminous flux of 4650 lumens reduces the number of luminaires, which also reduces installation costs.  These luminaires are only 12mm thick and can therefore be mounted with minimal space between the ceiling and roof but
they can also be suspended or surface mounted.
Switches are a thing of the past now that the lights are controlled by a presence sensor, located in each room of the school teachers and pupils have an illumination control that is extremely easy to handle.
The Glow 165 CTC downlight has been installed in corridors, social areas and toilets. This LED product is extremely energy efficient, easy to install, can be dimmed and has the ability to change colour temperature all via a simple hand held controller. Social and Café areas now have the advantage to change the light from daylight white to a warm white, depending on their activity or time of day.

In the sports hall, the LumiOPTIMA 5218 was installed. This product is a real light machine with a luminous flux of 27,000 lumens, 165 lumens per watt in energy efficiency. The new lighting has received very positive comments from students and teachers at the school.

”We are very pleased with the daylight-like lighting we received in our new fine school. We all know how it gives us and the children energy inside the classrooms. In addition, we have received a lighting solution that is very energy efficient.” says Marianne Ericsson, Rector at Ransta School.

By comparing the results to a conventional solution, we would expect Ransta to achieve:

– 70% annual energy savings

– 70% annual CO2 savings

– The number of luminaires minimised

– Improved visibility as the daylight white light makes colours and movements more easily
perceived by the eye.