Tech Farm, Stockholm, Sweden


Tech Farm achieve 70% annual energy cost savings by switching to LED

PROJECT: To replace the properties lighting to Smart LED

The Brief-

Tech Farm provides shared accommodation for people from all parts of the world. The idea is that people will live, work and develop in a safe environment, no matter where you are in the world. Sharing accommodations and workplaces with others creates a conscious and sustainable society where the thought is to utilise the resources already available. Tech Farms goal is to launch 100 co-living properties in startup cities across the globe.

When it was time to replace the lighting in the K9 property, located in Stockholm, Smart LED lighting was important for Tech Farm. This means energy efficient lighting where it is possible to adjust the brightness, colour temperature and also to choose different colours of the light for different activities in the house.

The old lighting consisted of fluorescent luminaires with 3 or 4 fluorescent lamps of 18 watts suspended in the ceiling and some downlight’s with a halogen light source of 40-50 watts.

The Solution-

A fairly new LED lighting solution called the Sky Panel 66 CTC was installed to replace these. The Sky Panel 66 CTC is a thin LED luminaire that fits into the ceiling. This luminaire also provides the ability to change the colour temperature from 3000 – 5700 kelvins and dims wirelessly or with DALI control.

For Tech Farm, wireless control was chosen in the form of a remote which is controlled by the residents.

In the kitchen area, an LED downlight called the Glow CTC was installed which provides similar functionality as the Sky Panel 66 CTC.

In the fixture room, there was another LED downlight installed (from an alternative supplier) with the possibility of dimming, changing colour temperature (2700 – 6000 K) and lighting with different colours like red, yellow, blue, green etc. This is also controlled wirelessly, which greatly simplifies installation and gives the user the ability to remotely control the lights.

Results compared to the previous lighting:

– 69 luminaires replaced with 46 LED luminaires, approx 33% less

– Installed power is reduced from 4 to 1.2 kW a reduction of about 70%

– A bright and even light

– The cost of energy is estimated to be 70% lower (approx. £946.32 per year)

– Total cost over 10 years is estimated to be 41% lower (approx. £9463.22)