The City of Stockholm, Sweden – Pedestrian Crossing


The City of Stockholm achieve 85% energy savings whilst providing a safe, visible light spread across the pedestrian crossing.

PROJECT: To find a good light solution to make visible pedestrian crossings, and pedestrians.

The Brief-

In Riksby in the district of Bromma, in the north of Stockholm, the City of Stockholm needed to replace the old 125-watt mercury light fixtures, they also wanted to find a good light solution to make visible pedestrian crossings, and pedestrians using the crossing.  The challenge was to spread the light across a two-lane road from only four meters high pole.

The Solution-

The City of Stockholm decided to install our Phoenix, with optics designed for pedestrian crossings. This luminaire has a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, Day White. The Phoenix has been equipped with a built-in motion sensor that reduces the light to 10 watts in idle mode and increases to 25 watts when motion is detected approaching the crosswalk. This results in the crossing being visibly clearer whilst making sure that any light that may be leaking outside the crossing is not effecting the surrounding residential areas.

The Results – Compared to the previous solution:

Light spreads across crosswalk

Luminaire efficacy was reduced from 125 watts to 24 watts

85% energy savings