Whittard of Chelsea, Exeter


Whittard of Chelsea achieve 89.7% savings in CO2

PROJECT: To find new lighting that will highlight all the merchandise inside the shop whilst creating an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

The Brief-

Whittard of Chelsea is an international retailer of coffee, tea and various items that are used for the consumption of hot drinks. Founded in 1886 by Walter Whittard, this company have an extreme wealth of knowledge when It comes to hot drinks!
Whittard’s have been looking for new lighting that will be able to highlight all the merchandise inside the shop whilst creating an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

The Solution-

Low Energy Designs carefully selected a product that would ensure the sales environment looked great whilst clearly displaying the merchandise. They decided to switch from their 70w fluorescent spot lights to our LED Glow 240.

The Glow 240 is a high quality LED downlight that provides a crystal clear, Day White illumination with 150° light distribution. Low Energy Designs Glow 240 provides <2274 lumens at 25 watts to give an even spread of light. We replaced 36 x Fluorescent Spot lights for 12 x Glow 240, 2 of these fittings are emergency, 3hr maintained.

The Results compared to the previous lighting:

Annual CO2 Saving: 3.455 Tons

Annual Energy Saving: 7,754.95 Kwatts

Annual Cost Saving: £1,765.49