As we all enter into an unprecedented period of disruption it is very probable that this will have a knock-on impact which will inevitably disrupt business globally. With this in mind, we would like to inform you of how Low Energy Designs Ltd are handling the situation.

As it stands we are seeing no significant disruption within our industry in the UK and respectively within Low Energy Designs products. Presently, on-site, we are yet to have encountered any major disruption. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and see no problems delivering orders placed or installations that have already been scheduled.

That being said, to ensure on-going stability as a business we are taking as many precautions as possible, all office and production staff have a consistent supply of anti-bacterial hand gel, wipes and soap and have been advised to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly as well as wiping down all working surfaces and materials. Our communication channels will remain open regardless of the UK situation. Yet, it can be expected that warehousing and manufacturing could well be affected.

Whilst the evolving nature of the situation leaves much uncertainty, we will inform you straight away if any orders placed are likely to result in a delayed delivery.

The safety of our employees is paramount and we are communicating and encouraging WHO and Government guidelines regarding general hygiene practices and movement, self isolation etc.

– Low Energy Designs Ltd

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