Kungsleden is one of Sweden’s largest listed property companies focusing on long term ownership, active management, improving and developing commercial properties in chosen growth regions.

In one of Kungsleden’s properties in Danderyd outside Stockholm, they wanted to replace the old fixtures in the stairwells and corridors. Many of the old fixtures were broken and required a lot of maintenance.

We chose to install the SoHo LED ceiling lamp. This product provides a Day White light (5000K) at 21 watts. The SoHo has a built in light and motion sensor. This provides the opportunity to increase savings based on the natural light levels. The SoHo will reduce or increase the light output according to the natural light levels. The motion sensor adds additional savings, if no motion is detected the light will dramatically reduce the light output or go off until motion is detected.

Compared to the existing lighting Kungsleden should expect:

– 33% less power in the luminaire

– 67% lower energy consumption at 50% attendance rate

– Higher illuminance


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