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As scheduled, the first installations of LED lighting in Phase 1 as part of the Light Up Lagos project, brings the much awaited hope to the residents of Lagos!

The Light Up Lagos project has been conceived to light up major highways and streets in the Lagos metropolis with the ultimate goal of boosting commercial activities, enhancing security, improving the citizenry’s standard of living as well as boost the aesthetics of the State.

As scheduled within Phase 1, LED Co (LED UK & Biswal Ltd – a Nigerian company) promised to retrofit old lighting with new intelligent LED lighting solutions, as well as replacing currently damaged lighting poles and cables in areas such as Kara Bridge to Berger, Third Mainland Bridge, Akin Adesola Street and Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island.

Since we’ve started installing the lights, LED Co (LED UK & Biswal Ltd – a Nigerian company) has had numerous pleasing and positive comments from the community.

Natural night vision, or mesopic vision, is the ability to see under low-light conditions, conditions in which the people of Lagos have been dealing with for years – because of this and the dramatic change in lighting conditions we’ve now reduced the original power output by a further 60% to prevent dazzling road users and pedestrians who have travelled through lower-light conditions. This helps keep road and street users safe whilst saving the state even more in energy consumption and associated costs.

Our fully automated and remotely controlled system allows the end user to be in complete control of the light output, power and fault maintenance, allowing for real-time monitoring, control, and analysis all from a central control hub.


In addition to this, the Lagos State Government have set up helplines  in which residents can call to report incidences of damaged, defective or vandalized streetlight poles, transformers and other electrical installations and equipment. This will be managed by the Lagos State Electricity Board to ensure prompt and effective rectification of faults.

Phase 1 is swiftly moving along and is already delivering on our original promises to reduce the states energy consumption, create local jobs and enhance security; it won’t be long before we see a boost in commercial activities in and around Lagos state.
Light Up Lagos has already increased local job opportunities and will provide over 500+ well paid jobs to local Nigerians within phases 1-5 and another 70+ permanent jobs to staff the new assembly plant. To find local job opportunities as part of this project head to

The pictures below show the impact our intelligent LED lights have already made to Isaac John Road in Ikeja.

Issac John Street2 Issac John Street3

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