Boris Johnson hosts the 2020 UK-Africa Investment Summit – “I had no idea they made these things in Dorset. There you go.”


Low Energy Designs (LED UK) Ltd receive recognition from Boris Johnson for ‘Light-Up Oyo’

On Monday 20th January 2020 the UK-Africa Investment Summit, hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid the foundations for new partnerships between the UK and African nations based on trade, investment, shared values and mutual interest. Our CEO, Alan Parker was invited along to attend.

The UK-Africa Investment Summit brings together 21 African countries with UK and African companies. This is the first time governments and businesses from the UK and Africa have come together for an event of this scale.

27 new commercial deals worth over £6.5bn from across the African markets were signed at the UK-Africa Investment Summit. These will drive jobs and growth in all parts of the UK and in Africa, benefitting a range of British companies from family firms to major multinationals.

The Prime Minister used his opening speech to illustrate this modern partnership with examples of existing and new partnerships from UK businesses-
“And that’s why we are already one of the biggest partners for countries across Africa. Look at the billions of pounds worth of deals that are being finalised just here today and that we are announcing. The monorail trains. The monorail trains that will shortly be conveying citizens through the streets of Cairo, that great and growing city, will be made here. The monorail trains will be made here in the UK in Derby. In Nigeria’s Oyo state every street light is being installed with low carbon high efficiency low emission diodes from Dorset. I had no idea they made these things in Dorset. There you go.”

Low Energy Designs has a long working history with Nigeria, supplying LED lighting throughout Lagos State dating back over 12 years. These same installations can be seen today still working and delivering on their original promises to improve the Environmental sustainability, provide Energy savings, reduce the maintenance costs to the public lighting power budget whilst improving the social environment, trade and dramatically increasing security for those areas. Low Energy Designs are already reflecting the Prime Ministers commitment to build long-term, sustainable relationships in Africa underpinned by our values and high standards.

Over the next 12 months “Light up Lagos” project will be delivered by the UK and Nigerian Consortium LEDCo made up of Low Energy Designs and Biswal Limited in partnership with the LSEB (Lagos State Electricity Board).  This agreement also includes the retrofitting of major roads in Lagos State for use with the urban regeneration project in Ikoyi, Ikeja and Victoria Island.  The system deployed has been monitored by Lagos State Electricity Board via the remote monitoring system and they have seen a saving of 86% on energy and operational costs to the state.

Since then Low Energy Designs have also delivered over 100km of street lighting and intelligent remote control systems into Oyo State in less than 90 days.  The results of this have been so positive to the Oyo Governor and state that they are expanding the remit to cover an additional 540km which will also include the CCTV & Wifi coverage of all the roads.  All of these systems are not reliant on any power from the Grid and use our Hybrid Power System deployed.

We have employed over 200 Nigerians in Lagos alone to help deliver the projects and a further 80 Nigerians in Oyo State.  Low Energy Designs is also investing over $6million in the construction and setup of an LED lighting and Hybrid Energy Storage Assembly plant here in Nigeria. This facility will offer ground breaking testing and training programs on renewable technologies whilst providing the future for all lighting and hybrid energy power systems in Nigeria.  These high quality products will be built by Nigerians with the support, experience, knowledge and technology supplied by LED UK for all commercial indoor and outdoor applications for the African market.

 “To achieve a legacy in delivering all these projects that are proven to withstand the test of time & not there just to make money then leave, has taken a lot of work between the State Governments and ourselves and has been supported by the British High Commission.  Our company has proven over the past 17 years of working in Nigeria that all of its projects have succeeded and are still there working today.  By continuing to work with the Nigerian people and empowering them in the success of these projects is the perfect way to achieve a brighter future for us all.” said Alan Parker, CEO of Low Energy Designs.




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