Low Energy Designs are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of an exciting new industrial and commercial lighting product. The LumiROD is an LED luminaire which can be used as a replacement for inefficient fluorescent tubes. It is manufactured in the UK with a non-corrosive GRP housing incorporating long-lasting stainless steel clips; making it suitable for even the most challenging of environments.

The LumiROD comes in two sizes, 600mm or 1200mm and is available with both pearl and clear front lens options. Additionally the product is highly efficient, with the 35Watt LumiROD 2 offering up to 3,773 lumens of light output and the LumiROD 4 up to 4,527 lumens. It can be either surface mounted or used as a suspended fitting, making it highly versatile and adaptable to varying needs.

Interest in the new luminaire is already high and Low Energy Designs are looking forward to supplying the LumiROD to both new and existing customers.

Please contact us on 01258 858711 or sales@lowenergy:99 for more information.

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