Small Scale Energy Storage Systems


The Home Energy Storage System (HESS) is a power supply cycling system capable of powering an average home or small business premises by storing and using renewable or off peak energy.

The complete system is smartly housed in two ventilated racks. It comprises all of the elements required to maintain an electricity supply to domestic appliances when a mains power outage occurs or it can be used as the prime power source at chosen times or for off grid applications.

The system will integrate with exiting single phase generators (minimum 15kW recommended), shore power supply or renewable sources. The system sits between the regular power supply /
generator input and the mains distribution board of the premises. When the main shore power fails, the HESS inverter switches in to preserve the power supply to the home in less than 20 milliseconds and continues to supply power from the battery modules. When shore power is returned, the inverter switches out of circuit and the HESS commences the battery recharge cycle.

To read more about this system take a look at the ‘Integration Examples’ download.