The SunRAY LED light is capable of providing between 40 – 70% cost savings, ideal for high bay lighting in warehousing, production/ manufacturing or industrial environments. An intelligent, long lasting, bright lighting system that reduces energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions and allows the customer to be in control of light intensity and associated costs. Customers have typically used the SunRAY to replace 150-400 Watt High Bay luminaires.

The SunRAY has a unique design that enables the customer to manually adjust the LED light modules on site, maximising the light output and providing light where required. Temperature control to the LED is critical to the life of the product. Our SunRAY products benefit from a unique feature of having automatic software temperature control to the LED boards, ensuring no matter how high the external or internal temperatures rise the LED’s will always remain at the optimum performance.

The SunRAY 1, 2 & 4 LED were specially designed for Aquarium, Architectural, Bespoke and Task lighting purposes. The SunRAY LED is used to direct the light to a specific area and has been used in numerous aquariums and architectural designs all over the world, favoured by ‘Merlin Entertainments’ and ‘LUSH’. The SunRAY 1, 2 & 4 are extremely popular in Aquariums for its colour changing LED’s, they can create a variety of colours for any kind of setting. We can even programme the LED’s to recreate natural solar cycles.

Other optional intelligent features are also built into the product line providing the customer with additional savings.

SunRAY Ranges;

SunRAY 1                 SunRAY 8
SunRAY 2                 SunRAY 10
SunRAY 4                 
SunRAY 6                 

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