Karla Klinken , in Stockholm, is a dental clinic that specializes in, among other things maxillofacial surgery. When the clinic expanded with an additional treatment room there were requirements for a new high quality lighting solution. The new lighting should provide a high level of light with the possibility of about 1000 lux level at the patient’s head. There were also requirements for the lighting to be environmentally friendly with low energy consumption. In addition to the performance requirements they wanted an elegant LED fixture that was discreet and unobtrusive.

The choice of lighting fell on Low Energy Designs SkyLIGHT 66 ELP. This LED product is a super-slim LED panel that provides a soft and comfortable light that does not dazzle. The LED lighting has been installed by suspension with discrete wires and with the dimmable ballast as standard, which means that the fixture can be dimmed progressively between 10% and 100% of the power.

“It is a good functional solution that offers a discreet and clean impression, where the old premises meets the modern in a tasteful way. Low Energy Designs were responsive to our needs and it has resulted in the treatment room now being widely used for several types of treatments. Economically we will recoup this cost by that we are raising function for dental staff and low energy. Already, the coating in the treatment room increased. There will also be a kind of light therapy in this room. “Says Per Jesslén and smiles, MD and specialist in maxillofacial surgery at Karla clinic.

Karla Klinken Dentistry

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