A well known company supplying icecream and other frozen confectionary is quoted to have saved 95% by using Low Energy Designs intelligent LED lighting system compared with their existing lighting.

The lighting system provides the customer with a wireless remote control system to the lights enabling them to be set up for dimming, schedulling 24/7, PIR operation with remote PIR and group forwarding amongst other additional features all built into the LED fixtures. Previously the client was unable to switch off the lights when not in use because they generally failed to come back on, this would increase the maintenance charges of having to replace fittings. Now the lights are either switched off or dimmed in periods of non traffic during the day and night. Many of the light fixtures have also been dimmed down to 38watts in many areas still providing the light output the client requires.

The customer expects to have the new LED intelligent lighting system paid off within 6 – 8 months.

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