A blue chip company installs Low Energy Designs LED lighting system over induction lighting after trialling both systems.

The company have been trialling the Low Energy Designs LED luminaires and inbuilt control system against the low bay induction lights.
Results from customer trials:

Existing lighting system: Metal Halides @ 250 & 400 watts at 7m high with 10 lights per aisle.

Induction lighting provided 130 -150 lux on the ground at 7m high running 200watts per light with 12 lights per aisle.

Low Energy Designs LED lights provided 360 – 400 lux on the ground at 7m running at 100watts per light with only 10 per aisle.

When it was calculated on how many additional lights were needed to light the aisles using induction lights the LED lights worked out to be cheaper in the initial cost and saved an addtional 58% saving on energy against the induction lights. (75% saving against the original Metal Halide lights)

The SunRAY 10 lights are offering further savings to the customer by dimming and using wireless occupancy activation linked into the lights unique wireless communications system.

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