Low Energy Designs products offer features and functions that provide additional benefits to the customer such as:

  • Designed to last for decades, LED heat is controlled as well as other key components that have a lower MTBF than the LED’s, have been increased to the LED MTBF level.
  • Modular design allowing for easy replacements rather than having to replace the entire fixture.
  • Thermally controlled by our unique LED software to control the Temperature junction maximum temperature (ensures lamp life rather than predicted life based on changes to ambient temperatures)
  • Intelligent and programmable daylight photocell sensor, offering the auto light levelling system for additional energy savings.
  • Fault tolerant design – The design isn’t reliant on a single point of driver failure, if a driver was to fail only a very small % of LED’s will fail.  The modular design is built with high MTBF components and modular design to allow for swap out.
  • Adjustable and programmable light dimming from anywhere between 0 – 100%
  • Perfect to be powered by renewable or DC power.
  • Optional – Remote diagnostics & monitoring / alarms
  • Remote road temperature monitoring and alarms
  • PIR / Movement sensor operation & programmable limits
  • Option for interoperability with smart metering, electricity, water, gas metering….


Some of the clients we’ve worked with….



Low Energy Designs can provide design services or photometric services if requested.


All designs are carried out in-house using a 3D modelling software program:

  • Mechanical luminaire design
  • Thermal management design of the luminaires
  • Circuitry
  • Software (All software design is carried out in house.)
  • Communications. Low Energy Designs develops their communications software in house using years of experience gained from system and network engineering for multiple communications media including GSM, Satellite, Microware, WiFi, Femtocell, PICO node and Micro node communications systems.
  • Optical light distribution design. Low Energy Designs carries out all of its optical distribution design internally using our own Goniophotometer and light design software packages.

For all product designs we are able to design accurately thermal heat transfer and by using the blue Ridge Numerics Upfront CFD software.

Thermal heat transfer