Low Energy Designs products offer features and functions that provide additional benefits to the customer such as:

  • Designed to last for decades, LED heat is controlled as well as other key components that have a lower MTBF than the LED’s, have been increased to the LED MTBF level.
  • Modular design allowing for easy replacements rather than having to replace the entire fixture.
  • Thermally controlled by our unique LED software to control the Temperature junction maximum temperature (ensures lamp life rather than predicted life based on changes to ambient temperatures)
  • Intelligent and programmable daylight photocell sensor, offering the auto light levelling system for additional energy savings.
  • Fault tolerant design – The design isn’t reliant on a single point of driver failure, if a driver was to fail only a very small % of LED’s will fail.  The modular design is built with high MTBF components and modular design to allow for swap out.
  • Adjustable and programmable light dimming from anywhere between 0 – 100%
  • Perfect to be powered by renewable or DC power.
  • Optional – Remote diagnostics & monitoring / alarms
  • Remote road temperature monitoring and alarms
  • PIR / Movement sensor operation & programmable limits
  • Option for interoperability with smart metering, electricity, water, gas metering….


Some of the clients we’ve worked with….