Low Energy Designs can provide design services or photometric services if requested.


All designs are carried out in-house using a 3D modelling software program:

  • Mechanical luminaire design
  • Thermal management design of the luminaires
  • Circuitry
  • Software (All software design is carried out in house.)
  • Communications. Low Energy Designs develops their communications software in house using years of experience gained from system and network engineering for multiple communications media including GSM, Satellite, Microware, WiFi, Femtocell, PICO node and Micro node communications systems.
  • Optical light distribution design. Low Energy Designs carries out all of its optical distribution design internally using our own Goniophotometer and light design software packages.

For all product designs we are able to design accurately thermal heat transfer and by using the blue Ridge Numerics Upfront CFD software.

Thermal heat transfer