The origin of Low Energy Designs

Low Energy Designs Ltd was founded and began trading in 2007. The company was originally formed by the directors of Cobracomms Ltd and Barnett Engineering Ltd. These two engineering companies had worked together for a number of years delivering mobile telecommunication and power solutions to the developing cellular markets of the world.

In early 2007, the companies were challenged by an existing client located in rural Africa to provide security lighting for the perimeter fences of his remotely located cell sites which had a primary power source of 48 Volts DC. The key drivers to be observed in specifying the new lighting system were robustness, efficiency and intensity.

After spending many hours researching suitable alternatives, the use of the emerging LED technology appeared to offer the best combination of the key drivers. However, it also became apparent that the units available in the market place at that time were poorly engineered in terms of casing robustness, electronic circuit quality, optical distribution and light output.

In order to redress these problems, the companies decided to design a more suitable light from scratch and after many further hours of R and D produced an initial batch of 50 units for the customer. The lamps incorporated sand cast aluminium casings, 4mm polycarbonate lenses, totally new electronic control boards and the highest intensity LEDs available mounted on thermally efficient PCBs.

The customer was so pleased with the end result that he immediately ordered a further 1500 units to deploy at all of his sites.

Since LED lighting was not the core business of either company, Low Energy Designs Ltd was duly created and registered in late 2007. The company quickly grew to employ dedicated staff on full time basis supplemented by access to the engineering resources of the parent companies and the rest as they say is history……….

Today, Low Energy Designs Ltd has a multi million pound annual turnover, a string of prestigious clients and products on every continent, including Antarctica. It remains loyal to the founding concepts of its first product.

Lighting the way with LED

Low Energy Designs were one of the first companies in Europe to manufacture LED lighting. Our superior quality products and expert knowledge enable us to provide complete turnkey solutions. With continued technological advances in light emitting diodes, Low Energy Designs is committed to developing all our lighting products using the highest specification low energy LED lights on the market. Clever design and test means we are ready to light up the world!!

We offer a unique bespoke service working with the customer to provide the very best design and solution for our customer’s needs, e.g. not all Warehouses, Schools, Offices, Sports Halls or Arenas are the same so we can tailor our products, designs and low energy LED lights to not only meet the application but also to maximise the energy savings. 

led lighting

With a global customer base ranging from Australia to Africa, Scandanavia to Central America it is clear that low energy LED Lights are now at the forefront of company decisions around the world as a solution to reducing their carbon footprint!

We have the experience and technical expertise to provide innovative solutions to fulfil your requirements and to reduce your energy consumption.

Our aim is to provide the very best design and solution to meet each customer’s requirements whilst tailoring this to suit each customer’s budget.

We have been approached by many customers who had spent money with other suppliers of low energy LED lights only to be left disillusioned when the products they purchased failed to meet the requirements of the job. From the initial consultation Low Energy Designs conducts a detailed study with full input at the customer’s level to ensure the job is designed to meet the high expectations of our customers.

We are not just a company who supply lighting products: We seek to transform lives by providing lighting and power solutions that contribute to a healthier, sustainable environment.

Evolution of the power systems

At the time when Low Energy Designs was producing its first sand cast aluminium security lights for the remote telecomm installations in Africa, it was also involved with power projects for the same market.

Back in 2006, the primary power source for remote communications installations was almost entirely diesel generator based. The major problem faced by operators was the need for constant maintenance and refuelling operations to keep the power flowing. Generator life spans were often short due to continuous, erratic use, running at less than optimal speeds in harsh climatic conditions.

In order to address this problem a DC generator system with battery storage was developed. The DC generator was engineered to run at optimum speed to fully charge a traditional lead/acid battery bank. The batteries would then be used to run the communications equipment until discharged to a preset level at which point the generator automatically started and repeated the recharge cycle.

This simple solution substantially reduced wear on the generator systems, increasing the operational life of the unit and dramatically improving fuel consumption figures. The number of maintenance operations was reduced and the batteries also allowed the generator to be services while the communications equipment remained active.

The DC generator systems were also widely used in very remote locations such as the Solomon Islands Power Solutionsand in fact are still in service today.

Lead acid batteries have been the mainstay of energy storage for remote locations for many years. The simple, robust construction has served industry well, but there are now credible alternatives to this work horse.

Battery storage has been driven by our need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Large scale storage for renewable energy sources and the rapid rise in the use of electric vehicles have all contributed to the rapid development of competing storage technologies.

Desirable traits for technologies and chemistries that want to compete with the lead acid format are high power density, rapid charge and discharge capability, flat discharge curve profiles and long term durability – and all of this has to be in a cost competitive package.

Low Energy Designs has recently worked with industry leaders in the field of battery technology to produce a scalable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system suitable for deployment in small scale storage solutions. The same technology can also be geared to supporting high power deployments.

Small Scale SystemThe battery modules are conveniently housed in a pair of ventilated cabinets; there is no need for forced air cooling or air conditioning for the system to work. The battery modules are passively cooled and happily operate in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius.

This small scale system is ideally suited to off grid operations in domestic and small commercial environments.

Energy storage is a rapidly developing technology and Low Energy Designs will continue to develop products for this burgeoning market.



Low Energy Designs are proud to work with Monde Verde – Sweden’s market leader in lighting solutions and Swedish distributors of our LED products.

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Low Energy Designs are proud partners of Energy Oasis – Specialists in energy monitoring and reduction for business.

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For the second year running, we are extremely proud to sponsor a local Blandford charity –
Teddy20 Supporting Children with Cancer Ltd


These incredible people provide emotional and financial support to children and young people suffering and undergoing treatment for Cancer.Teddylogo full