LED Lighting Manufacturer

Low Energy Designs are a leading LED lighting manufacturer based in the UK who offer technically advanced, effective and energy efficient products and are well placed at the forefront of alternative power and energy saving solutions.

Our low energy lighting solutions and LED lighting products use the highest specification LEDs available in the current market. We have the experience and technical expertise to provide innovative and bespoke LED lighting and energy saving solutions for your company and we can also fulfil your requirements and help reduce your current energy consumption

Energy Storage Systems Provider

The rise of renewable energy generation has created an increasing demand for efficient ways to store surplus energy. As centralised generation is increasingly supplemented or even replaced by distributed generating centres, the need for local storage and distribution will continue to increase.

To that end, Low Energy Designs Ltd has complimented its mainstream production of LED lighting with battery storage systems. Our modular battery systems can be tailored to suit the requirements of any project from small scale domestic storage to grid scale energy bunkers serving whole communities. Our battery manufacturing partner offers a range of battery chemistries to suit the specific application and complimentary inverter technology to create single phase or three phase outputs for the end customer.




‘Powerful Solutions For A Greener World’